A look straight up at the rusted walk-ways in an abandoned steam plant

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Surprise! I have two painted, ready to wear cat skull masks in the shop right now!

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The Bamberg casket, a 10th-century masterpiece of Scandinavian art, found in a Bavarian church in Germany.
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Cats Sitting Like Humans [x]

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Maximillian and his sister Valerie are growing up so fast. Soon they’ll be off to a wildlife centre in France ♥

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After shooting the building throughout the early morning, the sun finally rose and shone into the Forst Building at Trenton State Hospital.  Here, it streaked across a doorway in the central spoke hallway, illuminating the portal into a patient bedroom in the aged asylum structure, and highlighting the paint peeling from the frame.

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I’ve been playing cat simulator lately and it’s pretty fun

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did that fucker just jump on water is this fucking cat jesus


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Grand staircase in the Administration area of the Kirkbride building at Hudson River State Hospital during nautical twilight, with nearly-full-moon light shining in through the window.  With civil twilight over before I could get this shot perfectly composed, I decided to guess on a 15 minute exposure for the final shot of the day, with the blue-hour light mixing with the moonlight - and this is what came out.  This 1867 Frederick Clarke Withers building is mostly in horrible shape, but this particular section has held up rather well in the past 147 years.

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